Paper: Cardboard Beats Decay

In Rione Sanità, a Naples’neighbourhood, every day 2.3 tonnes of cardboard are collected. An excellent result thanks not only to the collaboration between citizens and retailers but above all to having been able to use recycling as an opportunity for social promotion and job creation. […]

Paper: secondary Raw Materials

With regard to the paper supply chain and recycling, paper factories are at the forefront. We asked Massimo Medugno, managing director of Assocarta, to provide us an overview from a company point of view. […]

Paper: the Möbius Strip

Italy ranks fourth in Europe for the use of recycled paper and is pushing waste collection based on the proximity principle: the average distance from the recycling plant is 17.3 km. Italy is no longer an importer but rather an exporter of pulp paper […]

Paper from the South

Comieco Consortium is a historic protagonist in the collection of pulp paper. His managing director, Carlo Montalberti, explains how recycling developed […]